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Cashless - operation

Your cashless card is the primary method of payment at MXON.

You can load it directly on-site at cashless kiosks located around the circuit (cash or credit card loading) or online (QR codes will be available around the circuit for online top-ups).

Your account balance is provided to you after each transaction.

How to use it?

At all festival and camping stands (cup deposit, food, bars, merchandise), I present it to the volunteer, and within seconds, my order is paid for.

After the event / Refund

If I haven’t used up all my credit during the festival, I can request a refund of the remaining balance from my online account. Refund requests for cashless accounts will be available after the event. Refunds will be processed after the refund deadline.

After the deadline (October 22nd), any remaining credit will be permanently lost.

How can I get a refund?

If I have already created a cashless account: I log into my account and click on the ‘request a refund’ button.

If I haven’t created an account yet: I visit


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